Land Access Services

Our team of experienced project managers, administrators and land agents efficiently and effectively complete acquisition projects on time and on budget. Stakeholder relations are increasingly important and we ensure that our land agents engage in a professional manner with stakeholders to create a positive relationship with landowners and other stakeholders. Our negotiations are kept in line with current area pricing, keeping in mind fairness to all parties.

Our team values cooperation between client and landowner so your company is represented well not only to the local community, but to the larger community served by the finished project. We’ve worked with most of North America’s largest energy/pipeline companies.

Progress Land will also obtain all necessary third party consents and complete all consultation and notification requirements on our client’s behalf. Our documentation is clear and concise for easy reference by clients. Our audit process ensures that our land packages comply with applicable legislation and Directives within the province.

 We have land agents that specialize in this field who are confident dealing with landowners, regulatory boards and other interested parties.

Negotiation and Acquisition of:


  • Pipeline Rights-of-Way 
    Surface Leases
  • Fibre-optic Rights-of-Way
    Utility Easements
  • Powerline Easements 
  • Land Assembly
  • Railway Right of Way
  • Peat Bog Leases
  • Damage Settlements 
  • Claim Negotiations
  • Rental Reviews 
  • Crossing Agreements 
  • Ground Disturbance Notifications

Public Consultation For:


  • CER Guidelines for Filing 
    AER Directive 35,56, 60 and 71 
  • Public Awareness Programs - 
    (CER and AER)
  • Pipeline Maintenance Programs 
  • Preliminary Route Selection and Refinement
  • Consent to Surveys- (Soil Sampling, 
    Archaeological, Environmental and Legal)
  • Emergency Response Database 
  • Market Evaluations  

Preparation of Evidence and attendance before:


  • AER
    Canada Energy Regulator
  • Surface Rights Board
  • Land Compensation Board 
  • Alberta Court of Queens Bench 

Project Management and Coordination:


  • Survey Attendance
  • Construction Attendance 
  • Quality Control Inspection 
  • Computerized Land Titles and Registry 
  • Searches 
  • Document Registration
  • Document and Line List Preparation 



Progress Land Services' extensive knowledge of AER and CER projects allow us to provide unrivalled service and guidance when it comes to pipeline projects.

Well Site

We have expertise in wellsite acquisition, public consultation within Alberta on Crown and Freehold land.

Integrity Digs

Progress Land Services Ltd. will provide the support for maintenance and integrity dig projects.


Progress Land Services will acquire land for your project as required for new construction, widening an existing highway and assist with property clean up management.

Power Lines

Progress Land Services will acquire land for your project when it is necessary for the erection, construction or operation of a public utility.

Rental Reviews

Progress Land negotiates for review of rentals for surface facilities such as wellsite & access roads, Telecommunication sites, reclamation sites and above ground installations for pipeline valve sites and access roads.


Progress Land acquires Telecommunication EZE’s on Crown land and negotiates Easements on freehold lands. Progress Land acquires Crown and freehold FDH sites, vaults, Tower sites and other telecommunication dispositions for above ground installations. Progress also does renewals on Crown land for expiring Telecommunication sites, arranges as-built surveys and estimates.

Renewable Energy

Progress Land is a leader of land and consultation services within the energy industry. Our dedicated team of experts has vast experience securing option agreements, leases and land purchase agreements in numerous geographical areas, which allows for a competitive advantage.