Plains Midstream Rainbow Pipeline II

The RPII Project pipeline system was approximately 300 kilometers that will transport condensate, from the existing Enbridge Terminal within SE 05-53-23 W4M near Edmonton, along with butane and condensate, from the proposed Plains North Edmonton Pump Station within 09-17-53-23 W4M, to Plains' existing Nipisi Terminal, within NW 02-80-08 W5M.

This pipeline project will supply condensate and butane to heavy oil production areas near Nipisi, Alberta. These products will be used to dilute heavy oil so it can be transported by pipeline from the Nipisi area to the refineries and distribution hubs near Edmonton, Alberta. The Rainbow Pipeline II Project is owned and operated by Plains.

Our Role

Progress Land was responsible for consultation with the Public, Affected landowners and occupants, and nearby residents.  Progress negotiated land rights with the affected landowner, obtained 3rd party agreements, and attended the construction activities.  Progress arranged for various survey entries and obtained land access for geotechnical investigations.  Progress was also responsible for notifications on a pump station in the city of Edmonton.